Ask The OdorGuy


  • "We thought we were just going to have to learn to live with the musty smell in our old hardwood floors.   We had tried everything - disinfectants, aerosols, even sanding!  Nothing worked.   After spraying OdorGone once, the smell disappeared.   We couldn't believe it."

            - John A. Beisty

  • "My husband and I have 14 animals ranging from dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and fish.  Needless to say, we have our share of accidents.  You can imagine the smells we deal with, especially on hot, humid days.  We were kind of ashamed when inviting friends over for dinner.  OdorGone is the only product - and I have tried all of them - OdorGone is the only one that completely got rid of the pet odors.  Now we can invite our friends over for dinner and not worry about how the house smells.   OdorGone took care of our problem!"

            - Betty Revard-Darby

  • "Since I cook a lot with Indian spices, my house always has a distinct odor.  I tried using OdorGone and was amazed at how useful it was in getting rid of the lingering food odors, not only in the kitchen, but the rest of the house as well.  OdorGone is wonderful!"

            - Surma Daphtary

  • "I own a boatyard here in Connecticut and we sell OdorGone in our main office for boat owners to use.   Boating regulations now require by law to have a holding tank on board for waste.  Most customers only use their boats on the weekend and close their boats during the week.  Those customers that use OdorGone in their bilge and holding tanks have fresh smelling boats when they return the following weekend.  Those that don't, have extreme odors in their boats.   Many charter fishermen filet their fish right on board.   No matter how many times they wash their decks, the fish smell just doesn't go away.  Those that use OdorGone have no problem at all with residual fish odors, which makes charters more enjoyable to customers."

            - Nevel Petrini
               Owner: Bay Reuther Boatyard

  • "Can you imagine what a sewage treatment plant smells like?  As an engineer with eight years experience using OdorGone, I am simply amazed at how well it works.  Other chemicals simply hide smells, but OdorGone neutralizes odors simply and effectively, using no harsh chemicals.  OdorGone is safe for the environment, and yet, has eliminated the odors from this sewage treatment plant."

            - Ralph Bucci
               PE Sanitary Engineer

  • "Over the years, I have had a terrible problem with smell coming from my garbage disposal.   I've tried everything from bleach to vinegar, to a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.   But nothing truly worked and frankly, it just smelled like vinegar and baking soda.   Then one of my friends gave me OdorGone to try.   It smelled great and completely got rid of the garbage disposal smell.  OdorGone really solved my problem."

            - Ellen Simek

  • "I currently work in the OBGYN department of the Sacred Heart Hospital in Bethlehem, PA.  In my department we conduct many procedures that create bad odors.   We've used a variety of sprays in hopes of getting rid of odors.   Being an asthmatic, I've often had trouble breathing after spraying these products.  When we began using OdorGone I was shocked at how well it worked.  The odors are completely eliminated and I have no problem breathing.  OdorGone is wonderful!"

            - Catherine Yotter